The Toy Subscription Service That Cares About Nature

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Our Mission

We aim to contribute to the development of children without adding to the growing amount of global waste. Our store has multiple selections of safe toys based on age.

Between Friends, Beloved Children, and Our Planet

The EcoChico Club was born out of our passion for raising children to be aware of the value of preserving a beautiful planet filled with unique plants and magnificent creatures.

Knowing how saddening it is to see how the earth and its oceans get tons of plastic waste every day, we realized the need for all this waste to be recycled. We're equally convinced that not throwing plastic into our oceans would be better.

With around 80% ending in a trash pile, conventional plastic toys constitute a large part of the waste. As a result, the environmental impact of plastic toys is even worse than a child's imagination might be able to conceive. At The EcoChico Club, we believe there's a better way to view toys.

We need to make toys with environmental mindfulness. Thus, we commit to providing safe and fun toys that do not harm the child or the planet. We also aim to create a network of ecology-conscious families eager to participate in our program. Our eco-friendly toys can be exchanged and given to a new family to enjoy!

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By doing so, we not only reduce the environmental impact of plastic toys, but also teach our kids and other parents to care for our planet and be responsible with their purchases.

We want to give our chicos opportunities to learn the importance and joy of sustainable living early on. Please remember that we are caretakers of the past and the future. Our children's future depends on whatever we do today.

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